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Help List - Filtering of items and themes in the plans

Here you will find out how to switch on and switch off particular layers of lines. You can use this, if you are interested in any kind of transport (e.g. you use only trams and trains). You can switch it off and thus becomes the plan more synoptical. You will also find out here that by ticking off the layer, the lines which are not serviced by low-floor means of transport disappear. You will also learn the difference between the tariff zone display and topographic display.

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The video shows:
  • how to switch on and switch off particular levels
  • that it is possible to switch off several levels at the same time
  • what happens if you switch on the wheelchair accessible layer
  • that after switching on the wheelchair accessible layer it is possible to choose just the display of some kinds of transport
  • how the base change if the level Tariff zone or Topographic display is on

Ocenění a značka kvality interaktivních plánů od Kartografické společnosti ČR.

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